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I have FM 13... but I need FM 12 or lower.  Any ideas?  (I need a hero)

Question asked by brad-montgomery on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by brad-montgomery

I am a rookie assistant uses FMP 11 on a server.   I just bought 13 so I could log in at the same time.  (No problem is she isn't logged in, but this is a bummer.)


So I bought fmp 13 only to find it isn't compatible.  I need to upgrade her (from 11 to higher) or downgrade me.


Not power users so the lower levels would work.


Yikes...I feel like a dork.  Anybody have any ideas for a newbie with a brand stinking fresh copy of FMP 13 that is totally worthless?


Many thanks.


Brad in Denver