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    Conditional Record Access


      i am aware of the privilege set calculation:

      CreatedBy = Get (AccountName)

      To limit records created by the logged in user.

      Is it possible to create a calculation to limit records to those created by the logged-in user or Admin ?

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          CreatedBy = Get (AccountName) or

          CreatedBy = "Admin"


          this assumes that your admin account is named "Admin". Otherwise, adjust that part of the calculation accordingly.

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            Yes in the privilege set.  Or you can limit down to certain fields and not others.  That is the wonder of the calculation engine in FM security privileges.  Whatever calculation is boolean will work.

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              The above answers have been very useful to me.

              In a real world scenario a user may periodically wish to easily give access to a second user for a short period of time and to be able to revoke it.

              In this instance all users have a "MyInformation page" where they can modify their personal information and choices.

              Let's say user 1 is going on vacation for a week and wishes to give his/her relief party (User 2 ), access to the user 1 client files. How would I set up some kind of switch on the "MyInformation page" that would give User 2 access and that could be revoked easily at the discretion of User 1?

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                The file could could load a global variable or field with a value or list of values from the user's information record when the file opens.


                The access expression could then use the value or list of values in the variable or field to compare to a value in the current record in order to determine access.