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Why does Chart Width change when Y series Max Values change

Question asked by Malcolm on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by weaverd

I'm attaching two short video clips to display the problem.


I have a layout which is displaying a chart. A script changes a value ( the year ) causing a new data set to be drawn in the chart viewer. As I walk through the records I noticed that the chart wobbled. On closer inspection I realised that it was redrawing itself whenever the maximum Y value changed. Most of the charts need a maximum of 1200, some only need a maximum of 1100. In one of the videos, I let the chart set it's own maximum value. Whenever the top value in the Y series changes the chart width also changes. Setting the maximum and minimum Y values do not remedy the problem.


Does anyone know how to handle this situation. I want to have a static cartesian plane. Do I need to draw it myself behind the chart?


Here is the chart without a fixed maximum on the Y series.


Here is the chart with a fixed maximum of 1200 on the Y series