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Field Contents to come from most current meeting

Question asked by LoriE on Dec 7, 2016
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Hi....I'm back with a new issue in my meetings database.


So, I have a three fields in the meetingsdetails table that I use in the report layout for the minutes of the meeting report. In the meetingsdetail there could be 3 meetings and each meeting would have different information in these fields.


The three fields:     Attendees, Company, Email


I have added these fields to the minutes report layout. They do not show the info from the last meeting....


So it I have meeting 1 with joe smith as an attendee, meeting 2 with john doe as an attendee and meeting 3 with jane doe as an attendee it is showing the attendee from meeting 2 which is the first record in the found set.


I use a script that brings you to a minutes log where you can find all minutes for a particular meeting then the script will go in and find "old business, incomplete" and "new business, incomplete" then on and on as shown in the image  below:Capture.JPG


And these field are in the title header of my target layout where I want the most current meeting details attendees to show.

Records are sorted by Business, then item number.


Should I even have a title header?


Any ideas on how I can restructure this to work?