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    Field Contents to come from most current meeting


      Hi....I'm back with a new issue in my meetings database.


      So, I have a three fields in the meetingsdetails table that I use in the report layout for the minutes of the meeting report. In the meetingsdetail there could be 3 meetings and each meeting would have different information in these fields.


      The three fields:     Attendees, Company, Email


      I have added these fields to the minutes report layout. They do not show the info from the last meeting....


      So it I have meeting 1 with joe smith as an attendee, meeting 2 with john doe as an attendee and meeting 3 with jane doe as an attendee it is showing the attendee from meeting 2 which is the first record in the found set.


      I use a script that brings you to a minutes log where you can find all minutes for a particular meeting then the script will go in and find "old business, incomplete" and "new business, incomplete" then on and on as shown in the image  below:Capture.JPG


      And these field are in the title header of my target layout where I want the most current meeting details attendees to show.

      Records are sorted by Business, then item number.


      Should I even have a title header?


      Any ideas on how I can restructure this to work?

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          If you want data from the fields of the most current meeting record to appear in the title header, that record must be the first in the sort order. But see below …


          LoriE wrote:

          Should I even have a title header?

          I'm not sure if you're asking about a header in general, or a title header specifically …


          It might be worthwhile to create a mockup of how the report should look, and only when you have a clear concept, try to re-create that look in the layout. Then such questions often answer themselves.


          Also, consider the function of a header (and especially a title header): to give summary information about the presented information.


          If your database structure is properly normalised, you wouldn't find this information in the meeting details, but in the parent table ("Meeting Details for Project ACME"); or, if it is a homogenous group of records, you would present the common criteria that brought you to find that group of records in the first place (e.g. "Meeting Details from November 2016", i.e. all records with a date between 11/01/2016 and 11/30/2016).


          LoriE wrote:

          Any ideas on how I can restructure this to work?

          Hard to tell because we don't know the relationships in your database, plus the script you show is somewhat opaque: What is the sub-script you're calling doing? How are the sorts defined, and to what purpose?


          As I suggested in another thread: try to formulate the problem outside of database terms. Another tip: use the comment feature in your script to describe the logic in your script, and why you're doing what you're doing (unless it's really obvious).


          You will help not only us to understand your script, but – even more – yourself. If you cannot explain to yourself what you're doing, chances are good you don't understand it (completely).

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            Thank you, I will take your advise.

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              This is my meeting details....project name and number come in from the projects file


              attendees, company, email come in from external


              Minutes is a portal to the minutes items


              I have a meetingsdetail record for each project meeting #Capture.JPG

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                So you have, what:


                Projects --< Meetings --< Minutes


                My first idea is that if you want to see a report of all minutes for a particular meeting, you'd create a report layout that's based on the Minutes table.


                The header would include fields from the two parent tables, e.g. Project::name and/or Meeting::date, or Meeting::number, Minutes:: Attendees etc..


                (This it what I meant by presenting summary information in the header; the only things that summarizes all these meetings are stored in the parent tables.)


                And you're certainly right in wanting to use a title header: you don't need to repeat the attendee list etc. on every page. But I'd also use a regular header, so you have a nice quickinfo on every page - just project and meeting date.


                The body would simply have the fields from the minutes, where maybe you would use a really large part to accommodate a large discussion field; set that to slide and also reduce the part size.


                So your basic "Show Minutes of a Meeting" could require all of


                Go to Related Record [ from: Minutes ; layout : MinutesReport ; matching only ; from current only ]

                Sort Records [ by: Minutes::number ]

                Enter Preview Mode

                Adjust Window [ Resize to Fit ]


                Once you've got this (or something like it) working, you can begin the process of fine-tuning.

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                  Yes I am working on this, but still have the problem of not having the current meeting info. So, I have created a layout for the first page only, coming from the meetingdetail table, and the report which I have taken out the title header and now my script still works. so in the end the user will print off the cover page for the current meeting, then go to the minutes log, find the project number then hit the script button. thanks for getting my mind working in the solution direction