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    FMGo dramatically slows down

    Markus Schneider

      FMGo15, current version

      iPad Pro 9.7"

      iOS 9.3

      This machine is a 'workhorse'. Since we got problems with a few iOS/FMGo users after updating to iOS10, I have to wait...


      - I added a slide element with 4 slides to an existing FMGo solution, basically to add a to-do list

      - afterwards, showing custom dialogues took 3-5 seconds, before not remarable

      - the custom dialogues are not new, the just show a list of a few elements, doesn't matter what they do. It slows down dramatically


      I was afraid that the solution might have any damages, but I never was able to reproduce on OSX


      In memory of the problems with early V14, I tried all the scripts/tricks we did at that time - and one of the 'patch scripts' as effective!


      -> It does nothing but a layout change to another TO and back to the original TO

      -> after this script was running, the solution was very crispy, even better than before adding the slide element


      I added that layout-change to the first (main..) slide element (going from slide to slide is scripted) and the problem was gone


      I realized then, that the Go solution became slower after some actions, might be longer work in this solution or after a while of sleeping (iOS device..). After running that 'layout-change' script, it will be crispy again


      So: Is FMGo eating memory up? Does that layout-change kind of a garbage collection?


      I' treating this behavior as a bug - but I don't know if it's Apple or FM dependent...

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          Markus Schneider:


          Thank you for your post.


          There have been no memory leaks reported based on your description.


          For clarification, is the file local or hosted by FileMaker Server/Pro?  If hosted, what version of FileMaker Server/Pro?


          If you have an example file that demonstrates the slow performance, please send it in.  I have sent you a private message with instructions where to send the file.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Markus Schneider

            Thank You for Your answer!


            the file is local on the iPad. On OSX, version of FileMaker is 15.02 (Advanced) - used for testing/checking


            I can't send the file, it's too big and contains private customer data. Will try to create a clone, but that won't be possible shortly