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Navigate through layouts with same record shown

Question asked by dsattali on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by erolst

Hi everybody !


I need a reliable way to do data entry for a medical research project.


For now, i've made a FileMaker project with multiple layouts. Each layout is a form about something different : blood analysis results, or a cognitive test, or "general information about the patient", etc.


I did a main page displaying the serial number called "Patient_ID", and with many buttons to go to the differents layouts linked to that patient.

This "main" Patient_ID has many options : serial number on creation, prohibit modification during data entry, not empty, unique value, numeric only.


In each layout, there is a field called "Patient_ID", and each of those "Patient_ID" filed is linked to the main Patient_ID with options "allow creation" and "delete records" checked. And those "sub" Patient_ID have only 1 option : "not empty".


And what i need to do seems simple to me even though i can't find any simple solution... Please, do anyone know how can I do to :

- When I set new record on the main page (= create a file for a new patient), then i can navigate through all layouts to enter data for this patient

- When i navigate through all layouts, they automatically display information about this patient and this patient only

- If a layout is already complete for this patient, i cannot over write on those data


The portal solutions would help me if i wanted to display different records in the same layout, right ?

But i need the opposite, to display only 1 record in different layouts, automatically..!


I tried that but it doesn't seem to work.. Linking layouts


Thanks guys