Set Variable script step, Specify formula possible bug?

Discussion created by BruceHerbach on Dec 9, 2016
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I was working on a Set Variable script step with a Let statement that sets a large number of variables.   The script step had been copied from another script and had a number of errors to correct.  I was interrupted in the middle so commented out the whole formula with /* */ so I could save my work and continue it later.  When I opened the script step late the text had been compacted.  See the attachement Collapsed.jpg.  It should have looked like Correct.jpg.


I have seen this in earlier versions of FileMaker.  It only seems to happen in script steps like this were there is a lot of text.  I have done this with out having the issue with less text in the calculation and have been able to use /*  */  with in a script step to comment out blocks of code.


This was done on a Mac Book Pro ( Retina mid 2012 ) running OS X 10.10.5 in FileMaker Pro Advanced