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File bloat caused by stray PDF's that were once stored in a global container field and although deleted from field, they remain in file..??

Question asked by skywillmott on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2016 by gdurniak

So, I have discovered a problem with one of my solutions... Basically it is an orders system that creates PDFs that are temporarily stored in a container field set as global storage in a table with no records. However, I noticed that over time the size of the file increased dramatically more than it should have done.


The file is hosted on Server 14 and accessed using FileMaker Go 14/15


I took a copy of the file and one by one, removed tables to see what was causing the bloat. It turned out it was this one 'utility' table with zero records and only contains a few global text fields and the global container field for temporary storage of PDFs that are created by the system. Deleting that table and closing the file reduced file size from nearly 1GB to about 20MB, which is what it should be...


I then tried doing a 'Recover' on the file (the original one with all tables intact), but that didn't fix anything. However, I then created a single record in the 'utility' table and then ran a Recover on it again. This time the recovered file contained the 'Recovered Library' table that gets created by the recovery process, and that table contained thousands of records with all the supposedly deleted PDFs in it...


Is there any way to prevent this bloat build up of 'old' container data??