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    Alternative Ports for FMS?


      Ok, here's my situation:


      - we are currently running FMS 11 on a dedicated machine.


      - we are upgrading to FMS 15 on a new machine.


      - in advance of the upgrade, I am building out some new features in our database (in FMP15).


      What I need to be able to do is host the FMP15 database on FMS 15 so I can access it outside of our network (i.e. at home or at our other office).


      I'm not able to connect to the FMS15 from home and I suspect it is because it is sharing the same IP + port numbers as FMS 11. By changing FMS15's ports away from 80 & 443, is that going to solve my problem?



      Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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          If the plan is to replace 11 with 15, I'd avoid the port change as that could cause further problems down the road. Is there any requirement to share the v15 db before you're ready to roll it out? You could just keep it on your desktop if not. Alternatively, if others need to access the solution to review what you've done, then it might be easier to pick up hosting for a month or two, depending on how long you'll be in development.


          Where is the new server going to be physically? You mentioned at least three remote areas from where others may connect (home and other office (implying more than one)). Another option is to have your server colocated at a data center. This would also resolve the need to adjust and then have to troubleshoot port issues later.



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            Ah, yes! Excellent solutions! Thanks for helping me get my head out of itself!


            We’re actually looking at an off-site server solution/colocation, so that might be the easiest way around it.



            Thanks so much!


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              Glad that helped. Have a great day!


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                FYI, you don't have to worry about sharing ports with FMS 11 and FMS 15 because you can't install both on the same machine.  The install will error out.  techt's suggestion of off-site server hosting is good and maybe you might look at FileMaker's Cloud solution in the Amazon Marketplace.  You'll want to do a trial run converting your databases from *.fp7 (FM 11 format) to *.fmp12 (format used by FM 15).  Most things will transfer perfectly fine, but always good to test when you're jumping so many versions.  Keep in mind FM 11 used an old proprietary standard of layouts which is now called Classic and no longer supported.  Those Classic layouts will convert, but you'll want to make them into one of the new themes which are in CSS and much faster too.  Reworking layouts into themes will greatly improve the user interface and performance, but it sure takes a lot of work too.