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Filemaker Windows won't open

Question asked by kyleharry on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by greatgrey

Hey there.


When trying to print to PDF Filemaker crashed, so I forced quit it. When I tried to open the file directly the filemaker icon appears in the taskbar, but nothing else. I tried logging out and restarting, to know avail.


I figured that it might be a corrupted save, which would be terrible, because this was a new database and I'd done a lot of work. I can open the program to the file open screen, I attempted to open a server database that my whole company uses, but still none of the windows open. I tried creating a new base from scratch. This time the only windows I open are the layout inspector and field selection windows.


The fact that I can't open remote databases, or start new ones makes me think the problem is with the program and not the file. Reinstalling is not really an option now, as I'm on a company machine.


Any ideas?