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Simple Hierarchical Gantt Chart for FMP v.13 [technique file]

Question asked by kigmaker on Dec 8, 2016
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I have created a technique file which allows a Gantt chart in an hierarchical portal.


This solution combines two techniques published by other developers:

Gantt Chart by Evan Rawson @ CoreSolutions.

HierarchyLite by Doug West @ eXcelisys.


The goal is to provide an hierarchical gantt chart that is multi-user, possibly multi-window, relatively easy to implement and as fast as possible.


I hope this file can be extended to include the TO DO items.

Presently, limitations of this file include:


1) The start date field DateQuery_a prevents the file from being multiuser safe.


2) Attempts at insuring the toggle state of the nested line items have so far failed in a multi-window environment. This also slowed things down measurably. $$projectsExpandedItems[ GetField ( Get ( LayoutTableName ) & "::id" ) ] was modified to include Code ( Get ( WindowName ) ) but failed. This required a custom function to reduce a 153+ character repetition to a 32-bit checksum.




1) Replace field DateQuery_a with a global variable for multiuser.


2) Parent line items should average field ProgressPercentage of all or immediate descendants.


3) Parent line items should chart fields minimum DateStart and maximum DateEnd fields of all descendants.


4) Anything that can speed things up.


5) Line items that can be moved elsewhere in the hierarchy.


If anyone would be so kind, please download the file, provide suggestions or upload a solution.


I will give credit here and in the file for any suggestions that are incorporated.


Updates will be uploaded further down the discussion.


Thank you,