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    Showing portal information within a popup


      Recruitment type database with 3 key tables: Employer, Candidate, Interviews


      I'm in the Employer layout that has a portal showing the interviews (ie candidates names, interview time etc)


      From the portal how could I glance to see what other interviews the candidate has (mainly interview times)


      Ideally, I would have a popup that had a portal within - But I know that can't be done here


      Thanks to anyone that replies.



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          Two options.


          Have a script performed when the popover opens set a merge variable to a list of the data. Place the merge variable inside the popover.


          Locate the popover just outside the portal. Use a regular button inside the portal row to set a match field used to update a relationship used for a portal inside the popover to show the desired records and then uses go to object to open the popover. You can make the popover button invisible and position it so that the popover appears to open out of the side of the popover.