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Graph results not consistent

Question asked by fmpdude on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by fmpdude

Data description: 69 y-data % values -- all between 0.0 and 100.0.


Case 1:

On its own layout, If you create a graph where you


1. Do a find for the data

2. Sort the data

3. Create a line chart but don't specify the x-axis title or any x-axis data...

The y-axis data displays as expected.


No problems. Works great!




Case 2:

Yet, if you just create the same chart using ExecuteSQL for the y-values with the same "Find/Sort" implicit in the SQL, then the graph seems to require a corresponding x-axis SQL or it will display no data.

In my case, there were so many dates for the x-axis (the reason I didn't want to display any x-axis data), they all overwrite each other on the x-axis when I included the x-axis SQL so the graph would display anything. With 69 values, there is no way to adjust the angle so dates are visible. In fact, the dates aren't even important. It's the y-axis data trend that the chart is all about.




This inconsistency between the layout Case 1 and the SQL Case 2 may be a bug or some side-effect, but it seems the graph/chart should behave the same way with SQL as with a layout. Bottom line - I don't want to have to specify x-axis data to chart the y-data. Case 1lets me do just that, but Case 2 doesn't.


Case 1 behavior is the desired behavior for both cases, but doesn't work with ExecuteSQL for creating only the y-axis data values.


(My hack workaround was to copy a rectangular region down to cover up the junk x-axis overlapping dates and group that region to the chart.)