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re-login after idle

Question asked by MartinBridges on Dec 10, 2016
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A client wants each user to have to re-login, if their machine has been idle for x minutes. Like webDirect does.


I tried 3 ways...


[1] Under File>Manage>Security I've found an extended privilege called 'Require re-authentication after the specified minutes in sleep/background' which I've ticked for the relevant privilege sets but it doesn't do what I want. Or should I say it does but after the 'machine' has gone to 'sleep' rather than the 'database' being idle.


Is there a way of making this based on database idle rather than machine idle?


[2] The other way I tried it is via a script on a timer that comes up every x minutes with the re-login script step. Works a treat. However it's rather annoying when you're working all day on the database having to login every x minutes!!


Is there a simple way of picking up 'last use'?


[3] In server>Database Server>tab:FileMaker Clients. I've also found 'Set maximum idle time allowed for FileMaker clients' (minutes)'. Which I think is what I want. However this is a blanket 'x' minutes for EVERY database on my server. I then have to go into each privilege set of each database and deselect 'disconnect user from server when idle'.


I read that [Full Access] is never disconnected. It would be nice to be able to vary the length of time each privilege set had before being disconnected. Is this possible?


[4] Your suggestions/comments would be appreciated.