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Field on layout shows different data when opened in GO than Pro

Question asked by Philip_Jaffe on Dec 9, 2016
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I am having an issue that has got me baffled.  Wonder if someone out there can find my error.


I have an iPhone layout which is displaying a list view of product inventory.

I am hosting with FileMaker Server 15.


There is a "UnitsOnHand" Number field which contains quantity of each item.  There are no calculations, auto enters, or any formatting rules applied.  Just a plain number field.


When I open the layout in FileMaker Pro Advanced 15, the value displays correctly, but when I open the SAME layout in GO on my iPhone 6 Plus, the values show as "0".  How can this be?  It's the same field!


I am including a PDF with screen shots to further illustrate.  I'd appreciate advice, feedback, sympathy ;-)...


In a probably (maybe not?) unrelated matter, I noticed that when I am logging into my account on my iPhone, and I tap and hold to bring up the iOS magnifying glass to position the cursor, the expected cursor and magnified text is missing.  I do not see that behavior in other iOS applications.  Just on the login screen of FileMaker Go.






Just noticed something else.  In the second attached image, when I press and hold to magnify and set the cursor, I am actually seeing the DATA IN THE TABLE BEFORE I LOG IN!!!  This is an obvious security hole that should be patched!


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