Create a Staff Roster

Discussion created by thehalpeen on Dec 11, 2016
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I use an Excel spreadsheet to create rosters - see below

Roster Excel.PNG


I've attempted to create the Roster with Filemaker with the following Tables

  • People/Staff
  • Shifts
  • Join table (People and Shifts)


I've created a list with a summary showing the shifts - the table is based on the Join table. But the table looks untidy - it is stepped like a stairs  - see below.. I'd like it to appear as in the Excel version above.

Roster Filemaker.PNG

The Join Table

Join Table.PNG


I've created a 'hard code' HTML table and pasted in the Web Viewer to represent a Roster - see below.

Roster Html table and code.PNG

My Question.

I'd like my Roster to appear as in excel. I reckon there must be a way of binding the data in the Roster Join Table to the Web Viewer and using either HTML and/or Javascript to create a nice tidy roster.