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Portal won't display text input field

Question asked by dallaskruse on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by dallaskruse

I'm a second day user of FileMaker. I took a course and I'm learning FileMaker. So, forgive my ignorance.



I'm a band manager.


I'm booking Events with clients.  I'm trying to add the musicians and tech that will be on the specific gig. 


I have an Event Info page. Inside a portal I've created a tab called "Musicians" and I'd like to add the people I'm hiring for that gig.


I've added a text field borrowing from my Band/Tech Table/Field.


I have made sure that there is no "Hide Objects" created in the Inspector for said field.


I can't seem to figure this out. Which leads me to believe my Relationships are setup wrong.


When I click on Browse ... the text field disappears.


I'm attaching a screen shot of my relationships section if thats of ANY help.


Thanks for any advice in advance.