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Can a repeating field be used in this relationship?

Question asked by user910 on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by user910

I'm trying to display 7 days of time clock summary data for each employee without creating 7 sets of fields and relationships. I can get the repeating values of dates by using this calculation field:


Extend ( Start Date ) + Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) - 1


but I haven't found a way to use those dates in a relationship (matching dates and Employee IDs with time log records) that gets 7 calculation results, as in total hours worked for a given employee on a given day.


I know this may take a more detailed discussion, but does anyone know whether repeating fields can be used in this way at all?


I used to think repeating fields were just an ugly holdover from FileMaker's early years and should be avoided in relational design. Then it looked like maybe they provide the power of vector operations and are ideal for calendar-like or spreadsheet-like reports. I've spent hours hacking my code and searching the web for clarification.


Which is it?