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Get the maximum score of a student

Question asked by sam0723 on Dec 11, 2016
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Hello everyone, i am new to filemaker. i am now working on student's test database.

The following is the problem i face.

The relationship of my database


student >> Class >> Class Line Item , student>>test>>test history


so in the class layout user could see details of a class. In the test layout, user could find out the test history of a student.

My client now would like to have a report based on the class line item showing the highest score of the student.


But my original idea is to separate the table clearly as shown above. i try to make a portal based on class line item table, but there is no relationship between class line item and test history table so i could not show any related data of the student. For the highest score, i think i will create a calculation field to calculate the maximum value of the score.


my question is should i write a script to take the highest score of a student from the test history table to class line item table or modify the relationship between these tables?


I am using filemaker 15.