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Could Someone explain this behaviour!?

Question asked by StevenM on Dec 12, 2016
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Could someone please shed some light on this behaviour!?

Why does the Auto Enter Calc evaluate to something different in the Data Viewer?

Its nothing to do with script triggers changing the value and I can't for the life of me crack this!

For some reason, the first 2 Case Statements never evaluate correctly. They evaluate as "", checked this using a LET statement to set $$ vars. And it executes on the 3rd as it evaluates to True.

I've broke this down and added the Individual Statement Lines one at a time.

It evaluated correctly when only Statement 1 was used.
It evaluated correctly when Statement 1 & 2 where used.
When Statement 1, 2 and 3 existed, it didn't evaluate the first 2 statements and executed the 3rd!

Please if anybody can shed any light on this it'd be much appreciated! I'm swaying to something in the Dependency Tree is the issue but I don't understand fully how FileMaker determines this tree.

I've also recovered the file but to no avail.