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    URL cannot be shown in webviewer thru GO


      I use an assigned IPs to view environmental info thru my PC browser.  There is a lack of consistency when viewing info from Pro on the PC and GO on the IPad.

      Some URL's show content perfectly on GO.  The same content, when viewing on the iPad say "The URL cannot be shown".

      What would prevent this?


      Also, when showing content on the PC, the window does not size window within the frame.  On Go on the same layout, everything fits perfectly.

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          The content you are loading, is it loading from a web page you control, or not?


          The obvious difference between Mac, PC and iOS device is that the browser object used to load the web viewer is different on all three. Usually safari based in Mac, IE based in PC, and Safari mobile based in iOS.


          Set a webviewer to: What browser am I using?

          and see how the results change for each of the three platforms.


          In FileMaker, you can setup different layouts for each of those three options, and redirect by using Get(SystemPlatform). That way you can at least size for what content is loading.


          As for why you would get that error in iOS. Chances are the site you are trying to load has a mobile version and a desktop version.


          When you visit the URL in safari on OSX, what does it say? Does it work in Safari on iOS but not in FM Go?