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Find & Sorting Issue

Question asked by 1jdhelle on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by everyman

Let's say the first time I use find, I find the 33rd record in the database, which is correct.  Now I change to a different tab on my layout and it performs the follow:


Set Variable [$$Tab ; Value: "PA Tab"]

Go to Layout ["Record Detail Tabs" (Owned_Music_Library) ]

Go to Object [Object Name: "PA Tab"]

Enter Find Mode [Restore ; Pause: Off]

Perform Find [ Restore ]  ----- Action = Find Records Criteria, = Owned_Music_Library::Medium: [= Purple Amberol]

If [Get (LastError) <> 0

    Show Custom Dialog [ "Message" ; "Purple Amberol = There are no records that match the criteria."]


    Sort Records [ Restore; With Dialog: off]

    Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]

End If


Now the PA Tab displays the 33rd record of the Purple Amberols, rather than the first record.   It's probably a simple solution, but I cannot figure it out.



Example with screen shots.


Looking at Diamond Disc Tab - Record #5 - this shows the fifth record.

Diamond Disc Database Record #5 - shows that this is truly record #5 in my database.


Edison Purple - Default to Record #5 - shows that after performing the above script the record appearing is #5 in the database. The above script automatically runs then selecting the Edison Purple tab.

Edison Purple - Database Record #5 - shows that cylinder number 29040 is the 5th record in the database, instead of the first record.


I can select any of the other tabs and you will always end-up on record #5.