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Need some script help please.

Question asked by dgarmsd63 on Dec 12, 2016
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Hello All


I have an old database at my company that has everything dumped into one table. Essentially it's setup as follows.



Company No.

Company Name

Product name






(There's a total of 20 different box locations for each product)


This database has 9635 records with some products having as many as 18 boxes & box quantities.


I'm trying to create a script that will take each old record and create a new record in a new table called locations and each new record will only contain 1 box location and associated quantity. So there will be multiple records for a single Stock# based upon how many different boxes that item is located in. This new table will later be used as my locations table related to a new product table so I can show all box numbers & quantities in a portal.


In my thought process I believe there will have to be a loop with a counter so that it will cycle through each record as many times as required by the total number of different boxes the item is in.


I tried using a lookup, but that didn't work ( or I did it incorrectly ) and I don't think there's a way to do it using the import function?


This is all in FileMaker Pro 11 for Windows.




D. Garms