Filemaker Server iMac loses network connect when Pro used to upload

Discussion created by wendy on Dec 12, 2016
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Product and version:   Filemaker Server

OS and version: Mac OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan)

Hardware: 27-in Imac, 3.2GHz Intel Core i3 processsor, 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, ATI Radeon HD 5670 512 MB


Description: iMac server loses Ethernet network connectivity (to a mounted file server, to Internet, and connectivity for remote clients) shortly after Filemaker Pro on the server is used to upload files to the database server. The FM server itself appears to continue to run just fine. Issue does not occur if Pro on a remote client machine is used to upload the files.


How to replicate:

- Start iMac server.

- Optional: Mount a corporate network drive. (I do this because the iMac shows a prominent alert at the time the mounted drive is disconnected. Having a drive mounted is not required for the issue to occur.)

- Start Admin console and log in.

- Start up the server (status tab).

- Start Filemaker Pro at the iMac server.

- Via Filemaker Pro, upload healthy database files (we have them in a folder on the server desktop) to the server. (Note: Pro on the server always shows it is doing consistency checks, although files have been closed properly.)

- After the upload is completed, Pro is still running in the background. Within a minute or a few minutes, an alert appears from the iMac: "Server connections interrupted: [mounted drive name], Ignore/Disconnect All."

- Clients unable to access the served files. iMac server is unable to reach the internet or re-mount the network drive. Server itself appears fine. 

- Throughout this issue, the Ethernet Network System Preference remains green/connected.

- A reboot is required to re-establish network connectivity.



- In additional tests, the disconnect occurred as I quit out of FMPro. Quitting Pro immediately after the upload is finished still triggers the disconnect.

- Cabling and network verified by I.T.

- Our previous FM 13 Server iMac did not experience the problem while at this same location using the same network cable/hookup/outlet.

- Same problem occurs if this FM 15 Server iMac is at a different location using a different cable and network hookup/outlet.

- This FM 15 Server iMac was stable and experienced no disconnect issues while simply left running for three weeks (with the network drive mounted also).

- Other activity at the server (e.g. connecting to the internet and logging this bug) did not cause connection issues.

- In the decade+ we've been using Filemaker, we've always used a local copy of Pro, running on the server itself, to upload files to the server. Per call to FM tech support today, this shouldn't be an issue. (We do NOT use this copy of Pro to actually work on files.)



- Use a remote client running FMPro/Adv 15 to upload the files to the server.