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Value List Missing Values On Certain Devices Only?

Question asked by tamar on Dec 13, 2016
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I am having a strange issue with a value list and wondered if anyone has encountered this before.


I have a small value list (around 10 records) that is pulled from an employees table that shows a 'Full Name' field - which is a calculation of concatenating first name and surname.


The problem is one employee is missing from the list on two devices (Both Desktop PCs), this is a live system that has multiple devices connected but the problem occurs only on two certain devices, out of eight total devices running the system. Other Desktop PCs can see the employee in the list so it is not a device type issue.


What I have tried so far:

Different user accounts

Deleting the field object on the layout and remaking it

Remaking the value list

Flushing cache

Restarting FileMaker

Restarting the device

FileMaker versions are the same (


All values in the list are unique as I have seen others have problems when employees have the same name.