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    Year-End Sale: FileMaker Add-Ons 25% Off


      All SeedCode apps and add-ons, including DayBack Calendar, are now 25% off through Dec 31st.



      DayBack comes with in-app updates so it keeps getting better. Recent updates include:


      • Breakout by team - to balance your workload across resources. (Dec 7, 2016)
      • Calendar-specific CSS so you can apply unique styles to records from different tables. (Nov 30, 2016)
      • A live indicator of the current time. (Nov 15, 2016)
      • Drag-to-Duplicate records. (Oct 20, 2016)



      The latest version of ProMaps is also on sale: letting you paste a scriptable map onto your layouts. The new version includes find-by-shape and routing.


      Starter Solution

      The SeedCode Complete starter solution takes DayBack Calendar and links it to Contacts, Projects, Invoicing, and Media. This is a great head start for new projects and is the template SeedCode uses for our own custom projects.



      All add-ons are on sale, including additional licenses and upgrades (upgrades are 15% off). Have questions? Please get in touch; we're here to help. 


      Learn more and check out the sale here: Year End Sale.