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Are formulas possible inside a table?

Question asked by baronvonteabag on Dec 13, 2016
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Please bear with me as I try and explain what I'm trying to do.  I've recently been reintroduced to Filemaker after about a 15 year absence and I'm finding I'm slow to remember my old training courses.


I am working on developing an estimating app/database for my current employer who makes and sells wood pallets, crates and reels.


In my Pallet quoting module I have a table (relational database) that lists the pallet styles and configurations as well as the different component names for each of the board cut lengths.  Once I have selected the config and style I want the quote "grid" auto-populates with all the key info for that particular configuration.  My board thicknesses are a standard starting thickness (can be modified) as well as my board widths.  The board lengths on the other hand will vary depending on a few other variables (ie:  do they run the length or the width of the pallet...are they flush or extended past the edge of the middle boards, etc).  I would dearly love to be able to put a formula into the table so that when my lookup happens, it takes the Length formula related to the configuration chosen and use that formula.


Can this be done or am I going to be stuck doing embedded if statements in a formula for each component?


In the example COMPONENTS, THICKNESS & WIDTH auto-populate based on a lookup with CONFIGURATION & STYLE as the keys



I hope I've made sense.  If I am doing this all wrong let me know...if there is an easier way by all means let me know that too.


Thanks in advance for any help!