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Popup From Value List

Question asked by kkirkhoff on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by FileMakerMentor

I have 2 tables, Patients and Doctors.

- Patients has a Name and a doctor_id (foreign key).

- Doctors has a name and a doctor_id (primary key).

I link the foreign key (Patients table) to the primary key (Doctors table).

I have 3 Doctors in my Doctors table.

I have 1 Patient in my Patients table.

I put a popup menu on the Patients layout that will contain Doctors.

I create a Doctors value list with the Name and doctor_id from the Doctors table.


I go to Browse mode... the popup (on the Patients layout) is empty.


Thoughts? This seems so basic that it's hard to find a very simple tutorial/example that does this.