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    Active Directory and Re Connecting


      Hi all.

      I am implementing Single Sign On.

      When a user double clicks on the database icon, they are logged in and credential properly.


      We have some users that are on the wireless.  Often they get kicked off of the database, and get the 'Communication with the host was interrupted....' dialog box.


      In the past they would need to click the reconnect button (or the close file button) and enter their name/password info and be on their way.


      Since turning on Single Sign On, when a user gets the 'Communication with the host was interrupted...' dialog and they reconnect, they get a FileMaker dialog 'The account name and password you entered does not match those for any FileMaker account' (without entering any credentials)


      Then they need to exit out of FileMaker and start over again.



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          You can't really turn on SSO in FM; it's an automatic by-product of an all Windows line-up, client to server with the client already being authenticated into their Windows workstation session.


          With that in mind; what did you turn on?  The ability to save the credentials in the keychain / credential manager?

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            I created account (type = External Server) and made sure the Server allows authentication using  FileMaker and External Server Accounts.


            To clarify, a user double clicking on the database icon gets logged in properly.

            The issue is when they loose connectivity they now get bounced out of FileMaker completely and need to re open FileMaker.

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              Do you have "Require re-authentication..." turned off? I had a similar problem and had to disable that in my Privilege Set on the files themselves.


              Using FileMaker Server v15, Windows.

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                I had Require re-authentication on (set to 480 minutes). 

                But that is only for FMGO. (these are all PC Laptops)

                In any event, I turned it off.

                It had no effect.

                So I turned it back on.



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                  We use AD authentication as well for our FM file.  If a user loses connectivity to the server, we have not found a solution other than closing the file and opening it again. 


                  If your users on wifi get disconnected frequently -- and they are in a controlled environment (i.e. an office) then it may be time to look at redoing the wifi or figuring out why they get disconnected frequently.


                  After numerous issues with wifi in some of our offices, we ended up hardwiring every office.  Which if you use VOIP phones you pretty much have to do.

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