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Export field contents of externally securely stored container field

Question asked by jdevans on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by erolst

I have a container field that stores pdfs. It is set up to store data externally, and securely.


I want to put a button next to the field that will open the pdf in the container field.


Here's what I have...


Set Variable [ $filepath; Value:Get ( DesktopPath )&Shipper_Containers_1149::container_1149 ]

Export Field Contents [ Shipper_Containers_UAB::container_uab_shipper; “file:$filepath”; Automatically open ]


Using the debugger, the $filepath value, when set is set to:


/C:/Users/username/Desktop/remote:filenameofpdf.pdf PDF :Secure/52/CE/BE103786/2BB10C42/E0E99916/383F


This doesn't seem to be a path and filename that Filemaker is going to be able to deal with using the "Automatically open" option with the Export Field Contents script step.


Any clue what I need to do here to get this thing to open?


PS- bold changed by me to make it more readable by you.