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Steps to get Filemaker App working on File Maker Server

Question asked by andrewnzinuk on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Markus Schneider

Hi All


We have built a Filemaker App/DB and have managed to successfully upload it to a File Maker Server.


We have used the Filemaker Go App Maker to create a profile that points to same the File Maker Server and installed that on an Ipad that is on the same network.


Clicking on the profile on the Ipad does not currently work - we get a white screen.


First question - should this configuration be able to work.


In the Filemaker Go App Maker - we have selected Database = "Remote", the Server IP address (have tried Server Name and IP address).


For the Username, Password - is that an account that can get onto the server, or should it be the filemaker console admin account used to upload to FileMaker Server. I assume a Server account that allows you to just log onto the server.


In terms of debugging what is not working - where is the best place to start? Are there any attributes that must be set to make the database available on the File Maker Server, currently has access to set to everyone. We can also confirm the database has been copied to the server sucessfully and is sitting in the default database location.


Does it need to be DB opened on the Server, before a remote user can connect.


Any help much appreciated, not sure where to see what is going wrong.