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Filter records using three fields WITHOUT a portal

Question asked by sansae on Dec 14, 2016
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It seems most of the posts regarding filters deal with portals. I'm not using a portal in my layout.


My goal is to filter my zipcode records based on 1) a date range and 2) a service type.

What I currently have is a layout with 3 fields: date_begin, date_end, service_type.

My service_type field is currently a drop-down list that contains various values/services.


What's working is the filter by date range. I'm not sure how it works. It just does. I've used data viewer to track my variable $listZips by changing the date ranges, and the values returned are exactly as expected.


What's not working is the filter by service type. What I want is, after filtering by date, I would like to see the zipcodes that provided a particular service type. So if I choose "plumming" from the drop-down, and in my records there are 5 zipcodes that provided this service from <date range>, then I should expect to see (in the data viewer) only those 5 zipcodes after selecting plumming.


Can anyone help me? General pointers/tips on how to do this type of filter?

(I would love it if anyone can point me to a resource that talks about the topic of filtering records in filemaker. All the online resources I've found talk about filtering as it relates to portals. But what if I want to filter my records without using a portal?)


Other info:

My fm experience is limited (6 weeks)

Windows 7

FM Pro 15 Advanced


Thank you in advance.