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Set Field command not working on FileMaker Server

Question asked by Heine on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by BeatriceBeaubien

Hi all!


I'm registering some odd behaviour with at script I'm trying to run from FileMaker Server 14.


I'm doing a search for some records using:


Enter Find Mode

Go To Layout [Layout Name]

Set Field [1] ... Value

Set Field [2] ... Value

Perform Find


Now, the first Set Field[1] value is just a '1'. The field itself is a numeric, indexed field and everything works just fine entering the '1'

Set Field[2] is different. I want to find all values greater than or equal to 1, so I use "≥1" - entered as shown. The field itself is an unstored calc, showing data as numbers.


If I run the script on my MacBook Pro running FMA 15, everything just sings.


If I set up a schedule on my Server 14, running on a fairly new Mac Mini, the script exits at the Set Field[2] with a 401 error message. When I disable Set Field[2], everything sings on the server too. I can do a workaround and get to the result that I want without the Set Field[2] script step, but I'm curious as to WHY Server 14 does not like the "≥1" that I put in as a find criteria!


Any ideas?