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Wordpress in Web Viewer

Question asked by JackRodges on Dec 15, 2016
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While searching for FileMaker and Wordpress and reading 12 sites, it occured to me that I can open my Wordpress editor in a Web Viewer. Now that I have a 50Meg cable connection, it works OK. MS Explorer asks to remember my log in credentials. So now I just open the layout and end up editing my blog using FIleMaker. So far all the add pages works well , I can upload graphics and insert them. It seems like I may have full control using Web Direct.


Now I can cut and paste from another table's window and that table can be a complex one for creating a final global with the text to copy.


So I use a simple cut and paste to transfer data from FIleMaker to WordPress. I could also do this if I opened the blog in a web browser and then switched between FileMaker and the browser but the idea of using the Web Viewer is intriguing.


For those who aren't familiar with Web Direct, you drag the object on the layout and enter your url. Whenever you open that layout, the page opens. Or you can move between records each of which has a url you want to open.


Next I will add a layout for MailChimp, FileMaker Community, etc.


The question would be how to paste into the editing field using a script? It is not a FileMaker field and so the location of the cursor in the field might be used as the target in a script. I haven't tested this yet.