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FileMaker Cloud - GLARING install oversight

Question asked by agisllc on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by jparodi

Can the FileMaker Cloud Formation stack install page be made to allow ANY VPC, and not strictly the "default VPC"? I am dead in the water because of this. Watch how inconvenient this process is for existing AWS users:


- Installation of the FM Cloud AWS instance works just fine.

- Installation of the Cloud Formation stack yields an error that a "default VPC" is required. (I can create a VPC, just not a "default" VPC. That, requires Amazon tech support).

- Pay money to upgrade Amazon tech support.

- Tech support tells me in order to create a "default VPC", I have to make sure my ENTIRE AWS account is empty, because creating a default VPC will CRIPPLE the existing servers in my account.....!!


I guess my only other option is to choose the Oregon data center? This is really bad!