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    FileMaker Cloud - GLARING install oversight


      Can the FileMaker Cloud Formation stack install page be made to allow ANY VPC, and not strictly the "default VPC"? I am dead in the water because of this. Watch how inconvenient this process is for existing AWS users:


      - Installation of the FM Cloud AWS instance works just fine.

      - Installation of the Cloud Formation stack yields an error that a "default VPC" is required. (I can create a VPC, just not a "default" VPC. That, requires Amazon tech support).

      - Pay money to upgrade Amazon tech support.

      - Tech support tells me in order to create a "default VPC", I have to make sure my ENTIRE AWS account is empty, because creating a default VPC will CRIPPLE the existing servers in my account.....!!


      I guess my only other option is to choose the Oregon data center? This is really bad!