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Open File not working for a particular file in FM Go

Question asked by sivagurS on Dec 15, 2016
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Good Morning!

I have a quick question.


I am experiencing a very weird issue.

I have a Master FM Database, from which I have links to few other FM Databases

Master - > Servant 1

Master - > Servant 2

Master - > Servant 3

Master - > Servant 4

Master - > Servant 5


It was all working fine until yesterday, now when I try to open Servant 4, it opens fine from FM Pro, but will not open the file on FM Go.

I get the Error Message File Not available in host or host not available. The same file opens without any issues when I try to open it from the host console in FM Go, but not from this Master file.

They are both located on the same FM Server.

I made a few changes to this Servant 4 file database, It is an important file with lots of info and I need to get it working.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks and Regards,