FM GO Container actions don't work

Discussion created by alsted on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by philmodjunk

Hi  Hope anybody out there can help me, or at least throw light on this case. Filemaker advanced 15 and FM GO 15 alle updated.   I working on a customer solution for a customer in filemaker go.  On the filemaker go solution i won’t work if the user have full access. The user can have access to certain fields and other wil be read only. The solution holds some container fields. When I load the solution on FM go with full Access, the functions in container actions are alle available.  When load it with limited access no container actions are available. I even tried to make a Privilege set - where everything  is set with “all modifiable” should be full access, but it’s the same story, no container actions are available.  Do anybody have a workaround or an explanation.  From a logic point og view the level of container actions should be controlled from the “Manage security” setup.  Is it a bug, so it will be corrected.  Or is it just the way it is, meaning a FM GO limitation.  Hope som body can help, I’m in a difficult situation - My customer can not accept this limitation.