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Where are the fixes?

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by JackRodges

At the risk of prompting 'FileMaker doesn't comment on future releases' statement, we must be over halfway to the next release but, as primarily Windows developers, we still don't have a properly functioning version of FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced v15.


Anyone with a large Windows installation that also runs MS Office (in other pretty much everyone) would have to go round every machine to remove fonts with capital letter file extensions as (potentially thousands) if running 15.0.3, a bug introduced with the update - potentially a massive overhead in terms of IT cost.


There has been a memory leak since the original release, that becomes critical when in layout mode, leaving no option but to exit and relaunch. This also could be a problem on a virtualised environment where users don't bother logging out at night gradually eating the server's memory requiring a complete server restart.


Surely, like FM Server, FileMaker could release patches? We're not looking for a major update, just the fixes to problems that have been acknowledged and have either been there since the release or have been introduced since the initial release.


It is fantastic that FileMaker are being so open with their future development path, but we can't but help suspect most of their effort is going in to the new features, rather than making the core product work properly in the first place, particularly on the Windows platform.


The last incremental update was back in September, surely it can't take 3 months to solve three capital letters and 7 months for a memory leak?


Some steam let off here following productivity dips due to having to constantly exit FileMaker and having to inform clients that their server needs yet another restart.


Feeling a little calmer now.