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Cannot record navigate in Go; Sorting, + & - record, Scripts menu in Go, all disabled.

Question asked by GarySprung on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by GarySprung

My main Filemaker solution has lost important Filemaker Go capability. One cannot navigate between records, sort records, add or delete records, and the Scripts menu is also disabled. This is happening on both iPhone and iPad, using FMGo 15 and FM Go 14. It is NOT happening with other solutions on those devices. Record navigating and editing, and Scripts menu access, works properly with both local and remote files in general on my devices and in my files.


Research led me to believe this is related to the Show/Hide Toolbar script step, in particular the option to "Include Edit Record Toolbar". If that is unchecked, it would cause the behavior, I think. I did have that script step in my startup script, with the option to Show the toolbar. I think the Edit Record Toolbar option was off because it was added by Filemaker after I wrote the script. (Shouldn't it be checked by default?) So now I have checked the option, and there is no change in behavior.


I have looked for triggers that might invoke the toolbars script step and there are none. I have tried taking the file offline and putting it directly on the iPad and iPhone with no change. I made sure the toolbars step was the last step in the startup script; no luck. It's like this problem is thoroughly embedded in my file. I did a Recover and there were no problems detected.


So what else could cause the disabling of these features in Go?