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Hide object when... only works with one condition

Question asked by techt on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by DSKatSCL

I keep running into situations where I need to hide an object on a layout. The Hide Object is great, except that it only seems to work with one condition. For example, if I use the following statement, only the first criteria is ever evaluated:


Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) ≠ "Admin"


Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) ≠ "[Full Access]"


The client wants certain controls hidden from "Staff" and as their developer, I'd like to see the controls when I log in, but the second statement is never evaluated.


I've read through the FMP documentation and I can't find anything there or elsewhere online that states Hide Object only works on a single boolean statement. It would be easier if they only had one other Privilege Set, but that isn't the case, so I have to juggle to get access to the button.


Maybe I missed something, maybe I'm asking for too much.


Looking forward to the feedback.