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Discussion created by JackRodges on Dec 16, 2016
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How do I add a hyperlink to a PDF created from a report?


The hyperlink makes a line clickable to go somewhere else in the document. In the table of contents it would take you to that page. On a page it might take you back to the table of contents, to another page, etc.


When I used Framework on a PC, this was part of the product. Word documents work with this in the table of contents. Filemaker, not so much.


I have found that if I do a report and one of the fields is a HREF  (http;//page.com) that when the user clicks on that in the PDF it will open that page in a browser. This isn't a button but just a plain old text field.


Essentially the hyperlink will go to an anchor, if i remember. So I could create an anchor field in the table and a hyperlink field. The hyperlink would contain the anchor id.


So, when I save the PDF whether as pages or a list, the anchors would be saved with the document, etc.


Unless of course there is a better idea so that the user can click on x in the pdf and go to page y