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    custom positioned field at bill form


      I created a standard bill form, which is no problem. Now, I want create a runtime in FMproAdv15. In this created runtime, the end user should be able to do some custom settings for the bill layout. Especially he should be able to change font, font size, left position of some text fields.

      I tried conditional formatting, which works for font settings. But is very complex to implement, if the user should have choice of more than 3 or 4 fonts.

      For custom positioning I found nothing. I.e. the end user should define "field left position is 1.5cm". If I put this value in a variable or by formula, I have no possibility for a field in the layout, where I can set the variable for left position instead of a fixed value.


      Does anyone has an idea?



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          Run times do not have any design access. The whole point is to provide a finished product that doesn't require the user to mess around with your design.


          Differences between the runtime application and FileMaker Pro (FileMaker Pro Advanced)

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            yes, I know. Customers need a minimum of flexibility to design a report. Other languages can use i.e. list&label. In lexware you can free design your bill form. If I give the same runtime solution to three people, each of them use their own bill form. So I need a minimum flexibility, that the customer can set the position for i.e. the printed header, to not overwrite his preprinted form. No one of these customers is interested in learning filemaker. The only one they want is set some parameters to position some line.

            In other languages (like magicsoftware xpa) I can define a variable to set i.e. left position of a field in cm from border. And the enduser can set the value of these variable. Thats what I need.

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              And you can't use a script to modify layout design "on the fly". You might specify several "preset" layout designs--either by creating several different versions of the layout or by placing several different copies of the field on your layout. In the latter case, you can use "hide object when" to keep all but one copy of the field invisible and enable the user to pick which copy is or is not visible.


              But I will offer one more caution here:


              FileMaker inc. has listed "runtimes" as a deprecated feature for several versions now. A number of developers, myself included, keep pointing out to them how useful runtimes can be for some segments of the industry, but that "deprecated" status would make me very reluctant to make major business decisions on the assumption that runtimes, as we now know them, will be part of FileMaker's future.