Script-Find Empty Fields

Discussion created by canoevalley on Dec 16, 2016
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Hello folks.


In my list layout, I have a field named 'Custom Price'. The database has about 275 records. Sometimes I perform a find request for about 75 items to send off to a client as a catalogue, however, some customers get special pricing.


I go in record by record and put in the prices and then click a button which takes me to a nice catalogue layout and I am now able to save as a PDF to send out. But what if I forget to put in prices for some of the products? I want the script that is attached to my 'SAVE AS PDF' button send a message to me that some of the found records do not have prices. This would allow me to go back and check for the ones I missed.


I have attached the script I am using now but don't think it checks every record. IfI put in custom pricing in only one of the 75 records, I don't get the message that some price fields are empty. (is there a loop I'm missing?)


Any help would be appreciated.


Happy Friday.