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Moving a database to an updated version of the program

Question asked by data578 on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by data578

Hi - as a very new user, I would really appreciate some guidance. I suspect the answer is going to be quite simple and that I'm just missing something obvious! But after reading the FMP 'Help' and completing a big Lynda course, it still beats me ...


I have FMP13 and have built a database (version 1) that will hold 10,000 records, split across four tables, including a 'Join' table. It works very well. I have now added some functionality to the database layouts (extra fields, some label text changes) to make a version 2.


Question: What is the most efficient way to import all of the records in their tables from v1 into my new (empty) v2? All of the fields in v1 are in v2 so they will all match up and I shouldn't lose anything.


Thanks for your help. Tim