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    Super PDF files


      The title is a bit of an exaggeration but that's how you can get a reader, right?


      Here's the idea.


      When you create a PDF you can attach it to another PDF using the same name.


      I want to create:

      • Cover PDF
      • Text PDF
      • Report PDF
      • Text PDF
      • Final Page Graphic PDF


      Each PDF would be saved as the same name and attach itself to the existing PDF of that name and multiple reports can be merged.


      Use a global variable for the save as file name.

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          ...and I use a plugin in WordPress that lets the user read the PDF file without leaving the page. It has download features and can open the pdf in a new tab.


          Plugins offer to open a PDF in the WordPress files storage, from Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Box and MS.


          I haven't tried saving the reports to any of these and see how that affects the result in WordPress but it would be exciting if a real time update would work without problems.

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            but that's how you can get a reader, right?


            But it can also annoy them and leave them unwilling to offer assistance. So this can backfire.


            So say want you want to do but not from what context, version or system (From WebDirect or FileMaker  or Server or FileMaker GO?...) 13, 14, or 15? Maybe an older version?


            What you describe is pretty straightforward if you use Save As PDF with the append option. As long as each added section of your PDF starts a new page, this should work for you.


            Exactly where in this process are your having trouble?