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    old 'issue Style 'underline work not with tabulator


      Product and version           15.03

      OS and version                   Mac 

      Browser and version           -

      Description                         Underline with breaks


      How to replicate

      - Text on Layout:     words with tabulator

      - STYLE:      √Underline          

                            Word Underline    

                            Double Underline    


      Result on FM

      blabla1       blabla2    blabla3     blabla4



      on this Web-GUI its work!

      blabla1     blabla2     blabla3     blabla4




      Workaround                          v16.03?


      regards abonino

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          Thank you for your post!


          I was able to reproduce your issue with FileMaker Pro 15.0.2 (Advanced) on Mac OS X 10.12.2 and Windows 7 Professional. To reproduce I followed these steps:

          1. Created "test.fmp12"

          2. Created a field and set the font Style to Underline

          3. Typed in a field and included Tabs


          I did receive non-underline space where the Tab exists. It seems this behavior is common to both Operating System with FileMaker 15.0.2 and older. I will forward this for review, but you may also want to post this to Product Ideas for a Feature Change. I will post back here when further information is available.



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