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    Onscreen marking of exam papers


      i have created a solution to mark scanned PDFs of student papers but am looking for a way to identify the student,s pdf from their handwritten student number. Any suggestions? Bubble reading package?

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          your asking quite a lot of FileMaker to do this natively, and if was doable you'd be looking to use something like MonkeyBread Software Plugin. This has a vast suite of PDF manipulation functions.  There are a number of OCR functions, Monkeybread Software - MBS FileMaker Plugin: Component: OCR


          If your looking to do this in Go, it doesn't support plugins, so you would need to look at SDK to convert it to an APP, again MBS has their own one of these, although I have yet to try that out.


          This also depends on the legibility of the handwriting.


          • If you have the answer you need, great, otherwise, happy to give some further guidance, or even via our mentoring service which is metered and with no minimum cost. If it takes five mins we bill for five mins.


          Hope this helps



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            Thanks David,


            I have started to read through Monkeybread Software webpage but feel a little challenged.


            I have had another thought if it helps. It is easy enough for me to use mail merge in Microsoft Word to generate student numbers so that each exam paper has a printed student number (and page number). Do you think it would be easier to use some sort of pdf renaming software to rename the pdf files according to this number?


            Alternatively, perhaps there is a way to generate barcodes for each student number, along with the page number, that I could incorporate in the Word doc as I believe there is a way FileMaker can interpret barcodes in images (pdf's) although I'm not 100% sure how this works either.


            Basically, I'm happy to rethink my approach as long as the end result is able to identify the student and page number of the scanned exam paper so that the rest of the solution can allocate the onscreen mark accordingly.

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              You may need to back this up and start in a better way if you can. Can the initial documents be created digitally (web direct)?


              If paper is required you might look at 360 Works plugins as I know they have something for interacting with PDFs. MBS also has good stuff. Documentation from MBS or 360 is a little lackluster as it is tailored to long time developers who should "know" how FM plugins should work.


              What you are looking for is a bit of a complex task. Without knowing more about what you are doing exactly makes it hard to suggest a solution.

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                Thanks for the advice

                I think I'm getting there.


                The idea is to use FM to mark student exam papers, unfortunately, they have to be on paper for the foreseeable future.


                My idea currently is:


                1. Use mail merge in WORD to combine the student ID & page number in the footer of every page.
                2. Sheet feed all completed exams through the copier to make one large PDF file.
                3. Use Chronoscan to separate the PDF into individual files and rename each file according to the combined student number & page ID.
                4. Import these PDF files into FM container field and use the solution (already created) to mark and collate results.


                I think the plan is feasible but WORD is freaking out a little making a mail merge involving 200 students and 40 page exam papers that are rich in graphics, etc. I am also totally new to Chronoscan but I think theoretically it can do what I want.


                Marking scanned exam papers onscreen has numerous benefits that marking straight on the paper itself does not. In the future when all students can easily write text, draw images and complete chemical equations etc. direct through their laptops life will be easier.