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Why might inserting an mp3 file into a Container field result in an error?

Question asked by jurgmay on Dec 17, 2016
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I'm running FileMaker Server 15 and I run FM Pro 15 and FM Go 15 remotely.


I have a very simple database that I want to use to store some very small (<100K) audio files. I'm using remote storage. When I insert an audio file into a Container field it takes about a minute and then results in an 'audio player' image with the word 'Error' overlayed (see attached image).Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 18.31.07.png

If I check the 'store only a reference to the file' check box then everything works fine.


So... I'm assuming that this is down to an error with the way the server is configured as it would appear that there is a problem with transmitting the file to the server. I've checked port forwarding for port 16000 which relates to the admin console and container storage and it seems to be configured correctly.


Does anyone have any other ideas as to what might cause this? I'm sure it's a config issue on the server rather than a bug in the software or anything like that but I don't know enough about FMS to troubleshoot any further than I have already.


I'd appreciate any assistance with this. Thank you.