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    Filemaker don't remember width in different workspaces


      Product and version

      Filemaker 15.x

      OS and version

      MacOS, and Windows 7 (probably 10 as well, but not verified).


      Probably All


      In the Script Workspace and Manage Layouts Window (and maybe more places), if you change the column width of the Script/Layout name, Filemaker won't remember this setting the next time you open those windows. This is extremely frustrating.

      Furthermore, while we are on the subject, in the Manage Layout window you are able to doubleclick the column widht divider to change the width to the widest layout name. This is not doable in the Script Workspace, but it would be nice.

      How to replicate

      Open Script Workspace or Layout Manager.

      Change size of the name column.

      Close the window.

      Open it again, it's now set to the default width.


      None that I know of.