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    FMP Performance - Old Macs?


      I have a client who has a mixture of around 15 workstations. Some are new, but many are older 2008 vintage Mac's running 10.10 or newer. All are running FMP v14 now, and the server is a multi-core windows box - cpu utilization is constantly low and will spike between 25-50%. All are networked on gigabit ethernet. General performance is fine when a few users are on the system, but when many workstations are present the older macs get beachballed frequently. We're not doing finds or anything on unstored calcs, but there are some unstored calcs present - moving the fields off screen brings back some speed, but the calcs are not anything too crazy - just SUM of some line items. We did try moving server to v15, but performance overall decreased with the v14 clients. We have tried moving the files off server and using just as a single user to gauge speed and it's far better than the hosted file. My assumption is these older macs should be replaced - slow cpu, low memory, etc. is causing them to thrash to disk and performance is dragged down because of that. I've not had issues like this anywhere else so I'd really like to get some feedback.

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          Hello nrgsoft


          I had some clients using FileMaker 14 on iMacs connecting to an in-house FM Server where a few of the iMacs (but not all) were just running pitifully slow when connecting to the server. Completely uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Pro on the workstation iMacs that were acting up seemed to help immensely (and it’s a fairly easy and save thing to try), but seeing as how those “older” machines are vintage anyway, it’s probably not a bad idea to have the client start thinking about making a plan of replacing them regardless.


          Depending upon your client's comfort level, here is even a link you could send them on how to do the uninstall on their own to try it:

          Uninstalling FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced | FileMaker


          I hope that helps.

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            Older computers tend to collect garbage and installing new versions over old versions can be a problem Best to delete old software and install new software, sometimes...


            And, after an update open preferences and set the cache to the maximum. I've seen this make a lot of difference on an in house network and using a remote server.


            Older computers are much slower depending upon the vintage and that speed difference shows up just like a slower internet connection makes web pages load more slowly.


            And the last try is the blank page with the caveat that occasionally a field demands to be on a layout.


            And, just because an older mac runs the newer OS doesn't mean it runs it well, even a new mac doesn't always run the new OS well or windows machine for that matter.


            There is also the fact that made me a lot of money as a consultant. Users tend to load up their computers with junk apps and fonts and ???? Cleaning up the computer made it run like new until I walked out the door and they reinstalled all the junk.


            Also, if the Mac Users have 22 applications open on some of the computers, that will cause your FIleMaker file a lot of issues.


            Then of course there is the design of the file, the scripts, the layouts, etc. all of which may need optimizing...